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Opening of the archaeological site of Pompeii from Monday to Sunday during the standard summer opening times (9.00-19.00 with last entrances 17.30) From 4.00 pm reduced access in some domus. It is possible to buy the ticket online, through the TicketOne circuit (Official seller). The online purchase gives priority in choosing the access time slot Join us as we visit the Ruins of Pompeii, Italy in this travel guide covering this ancient Roman city near modern Naples, in the Campania region of Italy, in.. Located outside Pompeii on the road that leads down to the city's harbor is the well-preserved ruins of the Villa dei Misteri (Villa of the Mysteries). The Roman Villa features wonderfully preserved frescoes that appear to depict a woman being initiated into the forbidden cult of Dionysus, the god of decadence known as Bacchus to the Romans

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January 27, 2015. Once a bustling, blue collar port town, Pompeii's fate was sealed with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 7.9 A.D. Today, Pompeii is a UNESCO World Heritage site, one of the most visited sites in Italy and one of the most visited archaeological sites in all the world. The best possible way to see what life in ancient Rome was like,. Your Guide to the ruins of Pompeii It's best to start in the Roman Seven quadrant, then Roman Eight, and further back are the mummies, said the cashier at the entrance, pointing to a tiny part of the huge map of Pompeii spread out in front of us Visiting the Ruins of Pompeii The archaeological ruins of Pompeii cover around 440,000 square meters, a vast area that would take at least three full days to explore completely.Remember that Pompeii is an entire buried city with squares, temples, baths, public buildings, private villas, and shops...just a visit to the city's forum takes about an hour Small Group Tours Our small group tours are aimed to independent travelers who wish to share a personal tour experience with just a few pore participants. The right number then is 10 people in each group, small enough still to let you always stay close to your guide and acquire in full all the information he/she will provide making your tour a truly genuine experience...

Once the colony was founded, Pompeii was enriched with private and public buildings and further embellished particularly under the ruling of Emperor Augustus (27 BC - 14 AD) and Emperor Tiberius (14-37 AD). A violent earthquake struck in 62 AD and shook the entire area surrounding Mount Vesuvius. Reconstruction works in Pompeii bega Pompéi est une ville et cité antique située dans la région italienne de Campanie. Elle est célèbre pour avoir été ensevelie lors d'une éruption du Vésuve, volcan situé à 9 kilomètres au nord-ouest, au cours de l'automne 79 ap. J.-C. Les origines de la cité sont mal connues. On suppose qu'elle fut fondée par une communauté locale issue des groupes osques qui occupèrent la région aux côtés des Grecs et des Étrusques, à la suite du mouvement de colonisation grecque de la.

Pompeii, preserved ancient Roman city in Campania, Italy, that was destroyed by the violent eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE. The circumstances of its destruction preserved Pompeii's remains as a unique document of Greco-Roman life. Learn more about Pompeii, including its history and excavations Book your Tickets To Pompeii Ruins ARCHAEOLOGICAL UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. The life of the ancient city of Pompeii and of its inhabitants ended abruptly in 79 AD, when, following the eruption of Vesuvius, it was covered under about six meters of ash and lapilli. The excavations of the city, which began in 1748 and still in progress, have brought. Coborăți din tren la Pompei Scavi. Puteți să vă lăsați bagajele în gară pentru 1,50 EURO sau gratis la ruine. Intrarea in situl arheologic este la aproximativ 50 m de gară. Există un Birou de Informații turistice mai în jos pe stradă. Dacă coborâți la Pompei Sanctuario va trebui să colindați puțin prin oraș până la ruine POMPEII FREE SLOT GUIDE. For all those looking to have a glimpse of what this ghost town looks like, they can virtually travel to Pompeii when they set in motion the five reels that come with 243 ways to win on this Aristocrat powered slot which was first released in the year of 2001 in land casinos around the world Pompei Resort 4*, Via Acquasalsa 16A, 80045 Pompei, Italia, telefon: +39 0818639049. Situat la 10 minute de mers pe jos de ruinele Pompeiului, elegantul Pompei Resort este lângă autostradă, gara principală şi linia Circumvesuviana. Luxoasele camere sunt frumos decorate şi bine echipate, au duşuri cu hidromasaj şi saune

Pompeï is een gemeente en onderdeel van de metropolitane stad Napels, voor 2015 de Italiaanse provincie Napels, en telt 25.726 inwoners. De oppervlakte bedraagt 12,4 km², de bevolkingsdichtheid is 2146 inwoners per km². Pompeï was ook de naam van een Romeinse provinciestad met ongeveer 20.000 inwoners die bestond van de 7e eeuw voor Christus tot in de eerste eeuw na Christus. Osken, Samnieten, Grieken, Etrusken en Romeinen lieten er allemaal hun sporen achter. Pompeï, dat in 62 n.Chr. Biography: My name is Lina and I am an official licensed tour guide in Campania region. I'm 41 years old and I've been working as a guide in the last twenty yea,... Credentials: - License as travel agency director issued by Regione Campania in 2008 - Official Guide License n°440. issued by Regione Campania in 2004 - IUO Unive,..

The eruption of the Mount Vesuvius volcano in AD 79 was an apocalyptic tragedy for the town of Pompeii but, on the other side, it was a blessing for the present-day archaeology and tourism because the whole town was buried under 4 to 6 metres of volcanic ash and pumice for nearly 1700 years as it was almost completely intact until the first excavations in the 18th century Welcome to Pompeii. Modern-day Pompeii (Pompei in Italian) may feel like a nondescript satellite of Naples, but it's here that you'll find Europe's most compelling archaeological site: the ruins of Pompeii. Sprawling and haunting, the site is a stark reminder of the destructive forces that lie deep inside Vesuvius Ruines de Pompéi Guide local expert et billet d'entrée coupe-file au site archéologiqu

Pompei Ruins, Pompei - Prezzi aggiornati per il 2021. Informazioni e prezzi. Servizi. Leggi prima di prenotare. Recensioni degli ospiti (228) Prenota ora. Condividi Pompei Ruins. Condividi su Facebook Pompeii [http://www.pompeiisites.org/] is in Campania, Italy, not far from Naples. Its major attraction is the ruined ancient Roman city of the same name, which was engulfed by Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site După Colosseum, Pompei este al doilea cel mai vizitat sit turistic din Italia. În 2019, la Pompei au ajuns aproape patru milioane de vizitatori. Inclus în patrimoniul mondial Unesco în 1997, Pompei este unul dintre cele mai importante parcuri arheologice din lume. Asta explică şi interesul uriaş pentru aceste ruine

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  1. TooMuchTips. Book Pompeii tickets in advance - the excavations of Pompeii are visited every year by over 3 million people and there are long lines at the entrances. I booked online the tickets of Pompeii Ruins with Italy Travel.. Plan your visit - plan the day and what to see in advance to save time; you may download the free official map here and the official English guide book here
  2. Pompeii was an important city and trade center, while Herculaneum was a small resort town without the large public buildings (forum, amphitheater, theaters, gym) found in Pompeii. However, Herculaneum is in a much better state of preservation due to the deep layer of ash and dust that covered the site, filling the buildings without damaging them
  3. Guide to Pompeii Pompeii is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in Italy. Modern Pompeii. What better place to stay when visiting Pompeii but Pompeii. The ancient city itself no-go zone for any accommodation, restaurants, or modern buildings at all. But Modern Pompeii, which lies on the outskirts of the ruins, is a perfect.
  4. The ultimate guide to Pompeii's art. From mythic retellings to scandalous frescoes, Pompeii's art has fascinated archeologists and art historians alike. And for good reason! Art was a vital element of Roman society and can reveal much about its values and traditions
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Storia di Pompei - fu un fiorente centro commerciale, situato alle pendici del Vesuvio ed alla foce del fiume Sarno Vita a Pompei La vita a Pompei, scomparsa il 24 ottobre del 79 d.C. . si fermò in una mattinata mentre la popolazione era intent Pompei l Saltgade 7, 6760 Ribe l T lf.: 75 42 01 05 l E-mail : pompei@pompei.dk l CVR: 36718501 Se Fødevarestyrelsens smiley-rapporter Created and hosted by Group Onlin

Pompeii Train Station Guide Although small, the southern town Pompeii and its two-platform train station, is the gateway to some of the most famous ruins in the world. The train station that serves the ruins is also one of the stations that serves the city, and it's called Pompeii Scavi-Villa dei Misteri How to guide Cum se face selecția pompei in funcție de aplicație. Dimensionați și evaluați ușor pompele în funcție de tipul pompei, de aplicații și de cerințe de performanță. Vedeți cum e cel mai bine să dimensionați și să evaluați pompele în funcție de tipul pompei, de aplicații și de cerințele de performanță. Arrivé à Pompéi nous avons eu une guide exceptionnelle. La visite a durée 2h, c est passé très vite. L heure du repas où nous avons pu manger une Marguerite, elle était bonne mais pas aussi excellente qu on peut trouver ailleurs a Naples. Ensuite une nouvelle guide nous a commenté le trajet jusqu'au Vésuve. Arrivé à 15h et retour 16h30

Pompeiul Jurasicului: Un cimitir imens de creaturi marine ciudate descoperit în centrul Regatului Unit: Paleontologii au descoperit un enorm site arheologic cu fosille unor creaturi marine din Jurasic, ciudate ca niște extratereștri, sub o carieră de calcar din regiunea Cotswolds din Marea Britanie, potrivit BBCși Live Science.O descoperire controversată în Canada - Cele mai vechi. Si vous allez visiter Pompéi par vos propres moyens, sans guide, vous pouvez vous y rendre de deux façons depuis Naples : - En train. Pour 2,60€ l'aller depuis la gare Napoli Centrale, un train direct vous dépose à Pompéi en 40 min environ. - En bus. Les bus SITA ont 1 ou 2 bus par heure qui partent de Naples pour Pompéi Après avoir pris le temps de quelques jours pour visiter Naples, il serait dommage de ne pas visiter Pompéi et du célèbre volcan Vésuve qui causa la ruine de la cité (et de plusieurs autres) au 1er siècle de notre ère !. Je vous dis tout pour accéder à ces deux sites et visiter Pompéi et le Vésuve l'esprit tranquille Pompeï (Italiaans: Pompei, Latijnse naam: Pompeii) is een gemeente en onderdeel van de metropolitane stad Napels, voor 2015 de Italiaanse provincie Napels (regio Campanië), en telt 25.726 inwoners (31 december 2004).De oppervlakte bedraagt 12,4 km², de bevolkingsdichtheid is 2146 inwoners per km². Pompeï was ook de naam van een Romeinse provinciestad met ongeveer 20.000 inwoners die.

POMPEI, Scavi di Pompei, 13/09/2020 Erano 31 gradi, ma ho avuto i brividi addosso per tutto il tempo. Sono entrata così in sintonia con il luogo e con quel tempo interrotto in una notte del lontano 79 d.C. Sono d'accordo con Picasso che affermò di essere tornato semplicemente a casa, quando visitò gli scavi nella sua epoca di rivoluzione. Find the top-rated and best-reviewed tours and activities in Pompei for 2021. From prices and availability to skip-the-line options and mobile tickets, get all the information you need to make the most of your trip to Italy Over 2,000 years later, Pompeii is still standing. Opt to explore one of the world's most remarkable archaeological sites with an engrossing audio guide, and wander the eerie ruins while Mount Vesuvius looks on. Get immersed in the astounding story of Pompeii's sudden, unfortunate end, and its discovery 1,669 years later Resten van kolommen van het Roman Forum met een indrukwekkende lucht, Pompei, Italië.Deze prachtige laptophoes past bij elke 13 inch laptop! Productinformatie. 90% van onze klanten is positief over SleevesAndCases! Super sterk materiaal voor extra bescherming tegen stoten en krassen; Geschikt voor Laptops, Chromebooks & MacBooks Pompeii. 2 hours. from €49 €39,20 Per Person. (0) The Dream ticket! A private tour of Pompeii with an archaeologist guide. Pompeii. 2 hours. starting from €200

If you'd like to have a guide in Pompeii, then this tour with an archaeologist is highly-rated and will meet you at the site or station. The Metropolitan Line. Although the Circumvesuviana is the most popular, there is an alternative Napoli to Pompeii train Guide Pompei è una garanzia non solo per l'affidabilità e l'esperienza delle guide che ti accompagneranno alla scoperta dei segreti dei luoghi più belli della Campania, ma anche per la loro grandissima conoscenza della zona. Con Guide Pompei, ti affiderai a persone che conoscono alla perfezione questi luoghi e ti faranno vivere una giornata. Pompei -Guide de visite-. Pompéi se situe au sud-ouest de l'Italie, dans la plaine volcanique de la Campanie, à quelques kilomètres de Naples. Ville portuaire antique, construite au pied du Vésuve, Pompéi, fondée au VIème siècle avant J.C subit l'influence hellénistique et fut florissante jusqu'au début du Ier siècle de notre ère Tour Guide in Pompei. 5. 5 out of 5 stars. Always Open. Community See All. 92 people like this. 93 people follow this. 8 check-ins. About See All. Via del Foro (5,741.47 mi) Pompei, Campania, Italy 80045. Get Directions +39 366 166 2146. Contact Pompeii Gids on Messenger. pompeiigids.nl. Tour Guide · Restaurant

Discover Pompeii - Pompei audio tour. Discover Pompeii is the ideal companion for your Pompei visit! A self-guided walking tour, with more than 6 hours of audio guides and a map that works offline, it's the ideal tour companion: ️ Complete: with 94 attractions, discover wonders like the Villa of the Mysteries and the ancient Amphitheatre There are several ways to visit Pompeii: on a pre-booked guided tour, to hire a Pomeii guide on the spot (the going rate is €100-115 and official Pompeii tour guides are identified by a badge and certified as guides by the Campania region), to rent a Pompeii audio guide (which is simply a recording of Pompeii's Little Red Book that hawkers. Travel video about destination Pompeii in Italy.On August 24th in 79 A.D. a massive volcanic eruption destroyed the Roman city of Pompeii when millions of to.. This was a fantastic tour. Michele was an outstanding guide and told us so many interesting things about Pompeii. He was knowledgeable and passionate about the site and it came through in his presentation. We we're met early and the 3 hours flew by. I can't imagine seeing Pompeii any other way Until its death in 79AD, Pompeii was a rich thriving city. Walking amongst its broad avenues and exploring its opulent villas, shops and vast cemetery, Pompeii's wealth and prosperity is clear to see even now. But do you need a tour guide to see Pompeii

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  1. Pompeii. The other Roman town to be destroyed by Vesuvius - Pompeii - was a much larger affair than Herculaneum and one of Campania's most important commercial centres - a moneyed resort for wealthy patricians and a trading town that exported wine and fish
  2. Conseils pratiques pour visiter Pompéi et ses ruines. Le site archéologique de Pompéi est un incontournable en Italie.Vous avez forcément déjà entendu parler de Pompéi, cette ville qui a été littéralement ensevelie en 79 apr. J.-C. lorsque le Vésuve s'est réveillé après un long sommeil
  3. Guide Dog in Pompeian Fresco? Perhaps the oldest depiction of a dog that might have been functioning as a guide dog is in a fresco from Pompeii (Plate 78. p. 140, Maiuri, A., Roman Painting, Milan, Skira Publishing, 1953). Unfortunately, the fresco is in very poor condition, which probably explains why it is more often referred to than reproduced
  4. Buon giorno, Sono Francesco Sorrentino ,da 6 mesi chef e gestore del ''Il Machiavelli Restaurant e Lounge'' sito in Pompei in Via Vittorio Emanuele 15/17, con la presente invito ufficialmente all'aperitivo conoscitivo tutte le spettabili guide, che si terrà nella mia struttura il giorno mercoledì 1 Agosto 2018 dalle ore 19:00 alle 20:00.Sicuro e certo della vostra partecipazione e di un.
  5. Partage guide de Pompéi Ouvert par Baaxta - Dernier message le 15/04/2018 à 23:04. Location scooter Pompei Ouvert par Marine-Laumond, le 04/04/2018 à 22:59. Sorties originales Pompéi
  6. Guide Pompei is a guarantee, not only for the reliability and experience of the guides that will take you step by step to discover the details of the most beautiful places in Campania, but also for their knowledge of the area. Choosing Pompei Guide, you can rely on people that know the places very well and will permit you to live a perfect day.

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For the short amount of time to be spent there you do not need to hire a private licensed tour guide as all of Pompeii is not in the same category as so many other places to be placed in that group of vital destinations demanding a lengthier sojourn. You can easily educate yourselves for all that the tour guide will have to say to you about a large collections of redundancies Pompeii is in Campania, Italy, not far from Naples.Its major attraction is the ruined ancient Roman city of the same name, which was engulfed by Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. featuring the main roads, the Cardo Maximus is in Red and the Decumani Maximi are in green and dark blue.The southwest corner features the main forum and is the oldest part of the town.] We intend to visit Italy again in 2020 and to have Marco serve as our tour guide again for a visit to Herculaneum and the Naples National Museum -- and, of course, another visit to Pompeii. Marco has our highest recommendations. Thank you, Marco!! Virginia. 03/30/2021

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Retrouvez tous les cartes et guides touristiques Michelin, par collection et thématique. Une offre riche pour voyager en toute sérénité. Bien guidés vraiment libres she was the best tour guide we have ever been with. Marc Hines. Read Reviews Credentials - Licensed tour guide of the Campania Region since 2015 - Postgraduate specialization at the School of Archaeology - Master's degree in Archaeology at L'Orientale University of Naples with a thesis on Prehistory - Experience working as an archaeologist in Cuma and Pompeii, Paestum and Santa Maria Capua. Téléchargez MyWoWo, l'application qui vous racontera les plus belles merveilles du monde ! Pompéi est l'un des sites archéologiques les plus célèbres au monde ! « De nombreuses catastrophes se sont produites dans le monde, mais peu... Je vous raconte maintenant un peu l'histoire de Pompéi, qui a des origines aussi anciennes que Rome Guide Pompei, Pompéi : consultez 961 avis, articles et 105 photos de Guide Pompei, classée n°21 sur 112 activités à Pompéi sur Tripadvisor ‎Let us guide you through the Pompeii Museum Excavation, and enrich your visit to the excavation site. This guide covers 58 of the most important excavated structures in the Pompeii excavation. The guide offers a full description of every excavated building including 3D models or sketches of how th

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14,95. Verkoop door SleevesAndCases BE. Laptop sticker - 15.6 inch - De binnenstad van Pompeï in Italië. 14,95. Verkoop door SleevesAndCases BE. Laptop sticker - 15.6 inch - De Vesuvius tijdens de zonsondergang bij Pompeï. 14,95. Verkoop door SleevesAndCases BE. Laptop sticker - 15.6 inch - Een tempel met een zuilengalerij in Italië Pompeii: get to know Italy's legendary ruined city. Ancient Pompeii is one of Italy's most haunting sights. Streets of skeletal ruins stretch into the distance while Mt Vesuvius broods darkly on the horizon, a stark reminder of the day it erupted in 79 CE, decimating the local population and burying the city in a thick layer of volcanic.

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Pompeii is one of the most sig­nificant proofs of Roman civiliza­tion and, like an open book, provides outstanding informa­tion on the art, customs, trades and everyday life of the past. The city has re-emerged from the darkness of centuries pre­cisely as it would have been when it was unexpectedly buried in the thick layer of ash and lava which poured down from the devastating eruption of. Part of the reason for taking a guided tour at Pompeii is simply because of the scale of the site - there's a really good chance that you'd get lost there without a guide! At Herculaneum, the site is far smaller and the signage and explanations are also much better The best of Pompeii tour. • Max 15 per group • 3-hour tour in am or pm • Expert guide • Peek into ancient lives: a bakery, the old port, public baths • Stroll along the city walls for panoramic views of Naples and Capri. BOOK NOW FROM €59pp Nous partons aujourd'hui visiter Pompéi et ses ruines. Voici notre récit de visite dans ce site archéologique absolument incontournable.Au programme aussi, nos photos, notre nouvelle vidéo et nos conseils pratiques si vous planifiez une étape à Pompéi lors d'un futur séjour en Italie. Bienvenue sur le blog voyage OneDayOneTravel.. Visiter Pompéi : conseils et récit de visite des.

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Pompeii (/ p ɒ m ˈ p eɪ (i)/, Latin: [pɔmˈpei̯.iː]) was an ancient city located in what is now the comune of Pompei near Naples in the Campania region of Italy.Pompeii, along with Herculaneum and many villas in the surrounding area (e.g. at Boscoreale, Stabiae), was buried under 4 to 6 m (13 to 20 ft) of volcanic ash and pumice in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 6 novembre 2010. À Pompéi, les restes de la « Maison des Gladiateurs » se sont effondrés lors d'un épisode de fortes pluies, le 6 novembre 2010.. Ce vénérable bâtiment du premier siècle de notre ère servait, semble-t-il, de centre d'entraînement pour les gladiateurs Les ruines de Pompéi Germaine de Staël Les ruines de Pompéia sont proches du Vésuve, et c'est par ces ruines que Corinne et lord Nelvil commencèrent leur voyage. Ils étaient silencieux l'un et l'autre ; car le moment de la décision de leur sort approchait, et cette vague espérance, dont ils avaient joui si longtemps, et qui s'accorde si bien avec l'indolence et la rêverie qu'inspire. Con Pompeii Tickets salta la fila e acquista online i biglietti per il tuo tour guidato agli Scavi Archeologici di Pompei. Prenota online la tua visita privata, di gruppo o condivisa a Pompei con audioguida o guida autorizzata dalla regione Campani

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Visiter Pompéi est une expérience unique. Pompéi qui s'étend sur plus de 70 hectares, regorge de villas, fresques, édifices à visiter. Que vous soyez amoureux d'histoire ou simplement curieux, Pompéi, est une ville à visiter si vous voyagez en Italie.. Pompéi se trouve au cœur de la Campanie, qui pendant l'antiquité, était une région riche et qualifiée de « Terre des dieux. Acest lucru va furniza curba corectă a pompei, precum și informații suplimentare despre pompă. Pasul 2: Verificați informațiile. Când citiți curbele pompei, pur și simplu tastați punctul de lucru sau dați clic direct pe grafic, apoi comparați-l cu curba pompei. De asemenea, puteți face calcule rapide de eficiență, turație și P1 Reconstructing the Menu of a Pub in Ancient Pompeii Eat like a first-century Roman, using recent archaeological discoveries as your guide. by Farrell Monaco January 26, 2021 Bring a guide of some kind - a podcast audio guide or walking tour - with you. There's an audio guide you can rent at the information desk near where you buy your tickets, but because Herculaneum isn't nearly as busy as Pompeii there aren't tour-guides-for-hire milling about the entrance waiting for you to use their services

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Gaia Guide turistiche campane. GAIA è in grado di offrire programmazione, assistenza turistica e servizi guida di livello elevato per qualsiasi tipo di itinerario turistico in tutta la regione Campania: Pompei, Ercolano, Paestum, Capri, Ischia, Sorrento e Costiera Amalfitana, Napoli storico - artistica e monumentale, Vesuvio, Cuma e Campi flegrei, Reggia di Casert A complete and detailed guide about 10 things to do and see in Pompei in 1, 2 or 3 days. 10 things to do and see in Pompeii. Pompeii was one of the largest and most shining cities built during the roman era, as you can see how) the ruins are everywhere. Thanks to its large production and export of oil and wines, Pompeii became a very rich city. Pompeii is accessible from the Circumvesuviana line from both Naples and Sorrento. The nearest train station to the site is Pompei Scavi, though the Pompei Sanctuario stop is also within walking distance. The journey takes 30-40 minutes from either direction and costs €1.80 to €3.20. Check the timetable for more information Pompeii Ticket is an online project made by New Globus Viaggi Tour Operator that gives you the opportunity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to buy tickets and guided tours of the Pompeii Ruins and other highlights in Naples. Read more. Visits and Paths. Buy Tickets. Guided Tours. Download Tickets. Download Invoices. Contact us

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I have been to Pompeii 3 times - for me the best was the guided tour, but, as the previous person mentioned - rather get a tour guide at the entrance. We were four people and he suggested we wait for the other 5 people who were also wanting a tour. The 2 more people joined and this was a lovely experience. We are proud to offer you Private tour, Herculaneum Private tour, Rome Pompeii Museum Private tour, Paestum private tour, Herculaneum and Pompeii, Archeological National Museum of Naples, MANN Private tour, Pompeii new excavation tour, Herculaneum gold exhibition tour, Rome Pompeii Private tours, pompei tours, pompeii tour guide, pompeii ticketone, private tours of pompeii, guide pompei, tours. Mary Beard's guide to Pompeii - and how to make the most of a visit Save Pompeii is the only place in the world where you can begin to understand how the Romans of the first century AD lived. Pompeii guides - Naples guides - Capri guides - Sorrento Guides - Amalfi guides - Caserta guides: Site-map .forP web designer . Gratis Links Guide Cio' che affascina di Pompei e lo rende, dal punto di vista storico ed artistico, un luogo unico al mondo e' la possibilità di. TEMPIO TRAVEL office, first floor of the Circumvesuviana train station of Pompei Scavi Villa dei Misteri , via Villa dei Misteri 1, Pompeii. The guide will be waiting for you with a service sign with your booking name. Info tour: - Entrance ticket to the archaeological park not included in the pric Formé il y a environ 400 000 ans, le Vésuve est l'un des volcans les plus connus et étudiés du monde. Du haut de ses 1280 mètres de hauteur, c'est en Europe l'un des seuls volcans toujours en activité avec l'Etna et le Stromboli.Toujours actif mais actuellement en sommeil, c'est cependant le seul à être entré en éruption durant le siècle dernier (1944)